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Scale image for Tribal
To help give an idea of the sizes of each of the actual ORIGINAL paintings, I'm 5'7" and I am scaled next to each painting, as per it's original size.


Sometimes it's just best not to know or ask but if you'd really like the explanation for this painting, here it is!
The colours were my inspiration... the vivid blues, deep scarlet and bright green contrasted against the skin of the dancers that wore them.
I found it awe-inspiring that a remote tribe had developed (naturally) such wonderful, intense dyes for the skirts, head-dresses and also for the ornamental jewellery. Adorning their costumes was also fresh seaweed which retained its full brightness for the tribal dance they performed.
I haven't meant to create a figurative recollection... rather to emphasise the shapes, colours and unity of the tribes-people.

Oils on Canvas
Original (as opposed to print) £950
800mm x 800mm [ 2'8" x 2'8" ]

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