Image: Diana CosfordImage: Dee Signature

Dee's work is meticulously captured by professional photographer Andy Hockridge, and then converted to a digital image for the most advanced Giclee printing process.

Giclee is from the French verb meaning 'to squirt' & describes a fine art printing process using high resolution & digital imaging. This means that it is often difficult to see any differences between the original image and the prints if skilled printers use the finest materials. It is a form of inkjet printing that has been developed to the extent that guarantees can now be given for colour fastness & longevity of specialist inks, canvas & UV matt varnish* for about 100 years… so Dee's paintings will be valued by generations. Children who are fascinated by the images now will, as adults, value them even more whilst nostalgically recalling their early years. Lasting pleasure!

Dee has thoroughly researched (and now closely monitors) the whole process, personally authenticating each & every print produced.
Dee's work....