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Scale image for Saris
To help give an idea of the sizes of each of the actual ORIGINAL paintings, I'm 5'7" and I am scaled next to each painting, as per it's original size.


A wonderful moment that particularly moved me in a 'Bollywood' film that I watched.
A group of women danced together in the street creating a wonderful splash of colour and movement within the mass of orange flowers that formed the decoration for the festival & therefore the backdrop for my painting.
I was especially inspired by the long, heavy & jet black plaits of their hair, creating dramatic lines as they swung rhythmically to the simultaneous sway of their bodies.
It was a stunning scene encouraging powerful feelings of strength, closeness and grace.

Oils on Canvas
Original (as opposed to print) £950
Original 1000mm x 700mm [ 3'4" x 2'4" ]

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