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Scale image for Rhododendrons at Holker Hall
To help give an idea of the sizes of each of the actual ORIGINAL paintings, I'm 5'7" and I am scaled next to each painting, as per it's original size.
Rhododendrons at Holker Hall

Rhododendrons at Holker Hall

Underfoot was a crimson and purple carpet of flowers with a ceiling of the same elevated by a tangle of grey twisted trunks, creating a real feeling of luxurious and dramatic colour.
A shaft of light beyond and through this shady oasis made my overall mood one of peace and calm, especially with the gorgeous scents drifting across from a mass of different coloured Azaleas nearby.
These stunning Rhododendrons were within the grounds of Holker Hall, Cumbria when we visited on a special day in our lives.

Oils on Canvas
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1180mm x 570mm [ 3'11" x 1'11" ]

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