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Scale image for Mail Moment
To help give an idea of the sizes of each of the actual ORIGINAL paintings, I'm 5'7" and I am scaled next to each painting, as per it's original size.
Mail Moment

Mail Moment

Probably a 'never-to-be-repeated' occurrence that had me chuckling out loud to myself whilst driving alone somewhere across the Yorkshire
Dales. It was early in the day and the road snaked out in front with no other vehicle in view. I was already feeling wonder because most of the primary colours were being purely displayed, at one time, all together, in the bright sun!
The sky had the fluffy white cumulus clouds and the yellow oilseed rape fields were bordered by bright green hedges with the intensity of freshly growing leaves. Everything appeared pristine! Then, over the brow of the hill in the distance came a convoy (just one would have been enough) of three 'Royal Mail' trucks... a Mail Moment!

Oils on Canvas
Original (as opposed to print) £550
1030mm x 1300mm

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